Monday, September 7, 2015

Golf Push Cart - How to make an effortless golf swing

Have you hit a golf club and felt so good and effortless while hitting the shots that you believed it was perfect? An effortless golf swing feels like you hardly put any effort into the swing and it went far.

If you have a problem in your swing and you have not been able to fix the problem, it is because you are trying to fix an effect while you should be working on the cause. It is important to find the cause and fix the effect. We have found that most of golfers start their backswing with their hands. When an average golfer starts the backswing with their hands, they move the club head higher than their knees before the rest of the body becomes active. So, if you are moving ahead of your body, then you will be out of the position at the time of the impact. When the golfer starts everything together on the backswing, then it becomes easier to move through impact - thus creating a smooth, effortless golf swing.

Inconsistency due to compensation in the swing

It is a common scenario where golfers work hard to get rid of their slice and end up hitting a low hook or hit the ball in the air or into the rough. This happens because the golf swing is disconnected from the start, thus creating a slice. When you try to fix your best golf push cart, then you end up hitting the ball even worse.

There is an inconsistency because your hands, body, and club head are not working together in your golf swing. Golfers who hit the golf ball with their hands have their clubface open, leading to a slice. But if you take a normal golf lesson, then you will earn the need to turn your forearms or wrists prior to impact so that you can close the clubface at impact. Your slice happens because you are not in control of the club from the start and the approach to the shot is with an open clubface. You hit a slice with an open clubface and then with the next shot you hit a shot to the left. You are more lost with your golf swing than before.

One of the successful drills to correct the swing is the Parallel hands drill, and this drill allows you to feel how everything starts consistently with your swing. It allows you to stay coordinated with your hands and lets you know if there is something out of place. This drill allows you to have a smooth motion throughout the backswing. Whereas otherwise there would be a disconnection with the body and the rest of the body would try to compensate with the golf swing. Drills like Parallel drill are valuable and critical to allow you to feel connected in your electric golf push cart. It forces you to get everything working together and as you practice more, then the golf swing gets better.  

Setup for the golf swing

The most important basic of golf is our swing. You want to hit the ball right in the middle of the fairway and if you can’t swing, then how you are going to do that? There are some useful tips on how to hit the ball well. The keys are:

1. Your setup

2. Your stance

3. Your swing

Your setup

The setup to the golf swing is one of the most important factors when discussing golf basics. There has to be a correct setup that allows the entire swing to perform correctly. Setup is like the foundation of a building. It is the first thing that must be prepared before anything else can happen and with a stable foundation, you will be in a better position to hit solid shots.


First, your feet have to be lined up so that your heels are facing the target and the ball is in the middle of the stance. Your knees should be slightly bent and for different shots your feet need to be different widths apart. For an iron shot, your feet should be shoulder width apart. For a driver, your feet should be shoulder width and a half apart, and for a chip or pitch shot, your feet should be half a shoulder width apart. You need to make sure that your eyes are directly over the ball and you are a comfortable distance away from the ball. If you are standing too close, then you are in danger of a hook and if you are too far away, then you risk making a wild slice. Your heels, hip, and clubface will be aiming towards a target.

The Swing

The swing is the most important fundamental in caddytek golf push cart basics. Important parts of the swing are rhythm and swing plane. Swinging with a good rhythm will increase your distance, consistently making you a better golfer. Swinging in rhythm does not mean that you need to slow down your swing speed but has more to do with your arms and torso being in harmony.

Swing plane means the direction your club takes, which includes your backswing and downswing. Your swing plane should be at a 45 degree angle to the ground and behind you. You will end with a hook if your swing plane is too flat and you will hit a slice if the swing plane is too sharp. A 45 degree swing plane is a good swing plane for a golf swing.


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