Monday, September 7, 2015

Golf Push Cart - Should you keep your head down during golf swing?

A lot of golfers say that if you keep your head down then a better swing will result. The problem is that if your head stays down, then it is a result of a proper swing. Keeping your head down works only for chipping and putting. Putting requires you to keep your head down because you want to hear the ball drop. Keeping your head down is great advice when putting and chipping because it does not call for powerful body motion.
In the case of doing a full swing or a shot, keeping your head down is not great advice. It is more appropriate to say that you swing so that your head stays still. In a good golf push cart, the head moves back slightly just before the impact. 

Hitting the ball straight and long off the tee:

Hitting the golf ball long and straight is one of the most difficult things to do in golf. Shots getting sliced or hooked frustrates golfers.
1. You need to have a strong grip. Keep the pressure constant and make sure that the grip is not very tight.
2. Put yourself in position. Your shoulders, legs should be parallel facing to the target.
3. Put your position properly to the ball. Try making a solid contact to the ball.
4. Keep your swing speed constant so that the ball goes forward.

How to hit the driver like a pro?

The driver is one of the most important clubs in a golfer’s bag. A good all-around game is more important than hitting a ball off the tee. Hitting the driver with accuracy can give a golfer confidence and a competitive advantage.
1. Position your ball so that it is even with inside of your left heel. The ball position will allow you to hit the ball on the upswing.
2. Grip your club an inch down the shaft. The driver is the longest club in your bag and is the most difficult to control.
3. Turn your shoulders and drag the club head back along the target line. Keep your head in position behind the ball.
4. Transfer the weight to your front foot as you turn your hips to the target. Do not try to lift the ball.
There are five key points in hitting a golf club. It is important to hit the golf ball in play with consistent speed control and with loft.

Get the right grip

It is vital to grip the club properly as gripping the golf club properly is more important than what most beginners in golf think. You can look at some of the important specifics to golf grip:
1. Don’t hold the club very tightly. If you grip the golf club in a loose way, then it helps to swing it smoothly during the downswing.
2. You can grip the golf club clockwise in case you hit the ball to its right and anti-clockwise in case you want to hit the ball to the left.
3. You can experiment with different types of grips as gripping the club is very personal thing, and you should try different grips to find what is the best suited for you.

Rotate the body during the golf swing

Most golfers focus on their arms and find it troublesome using their swings in longer clubs.
1. You need to bend from your hips as well as keep your body straight.
2. During your downswing, rotate your body from your back and turn the body as one single unit.
3. You can begin your downswing by rotating your hips and your torso will follow and swing the ball forward.


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