Monday, September 7, 2015

Golf Push Cart - Stance while hitting your golf swing

It is important to keep the stance right while driving the ball. In fact, the stance for the driver is very important as the stance for the driver is quite different from stances used for any other clubs. There are some tips which will help you keep the stance right while driving the ball:

1. During stance, keep the feet wider than the shoulders. Your left and right knees should be bent and the weight should be on your feet.
2. Your feet, hips as well as your shoulders should be facing the target. You should ensure that the shoulders are parallel as a lot of golfers make their shoulders tilt to left or right.
3. During the backswing, either of your legs should never move, though the left knee can move a little bit.
4. During your forward swing, you will shift the weight towards the left leg. 95% of body weight will now be on the left leg.

Correct tee height

Tee height should not be a big deal but it plays a huge role in determining whether you hit the ball consistently down the fairway. Two major mistakes while teeing the ball can be that you either tee the ball too low or tee the ball too high. If you swing your driver too low to the ground, then your tee is too low and if you top your shots to the right, then you tee the ball too high. You will need to ensure that the tee height is correct.

Correct swing plane

The golf club which swings the most horizontally is your driver and the motoried golf push cart which swings the most vertically is the sand wedge. There are a couple of things to keep in mind while swinging a driver:
1. Chin up.
2. Turn your right shoulder.
3. Swing the golf club around you.
4. Leave the tee on the ground.
Golf courses can be very challenging with water and bunkers near the green. It is important not to worry about the challenges and think about what you want to do with the ball. If you follow these points, then you will be able to hit the ball with consistency, confidence, and accuracy.

What are the speed swings

An average amateur golfer has a swing speed closer to 100 mph, while some of the best golfers have speeds of 120 mph.
- How can you add speed to your swing
- Whoosh drill
When it comes to club head speed, it is important to time the ball so that there is a great speed at the time of the impact. Whoosh drill is great to increase your swing speed.
- Fix grip
Holding the golf club properly will help you in curing your slices, hooks and will increase your swing speed as well.
- Workout regime
Working out your body will increase strength in your legs and chest and build strength which will help you to improve your swing speed.


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